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Volunteer Application

Volunteering is by no means a one way proposition. If you've ever volunteered for anything, you've likely learned that giving really is it's own reward. Bringing the skills you've honed over a lifetime, getting out of the house making a difference in someone's life, even hanging out with others can bring a much-needed sense of purpose into all of our lives.

Wondering if you're qualified? See if this is you: 

      • Friendly (often)
      • Compassionate (frequently)
      • Patient (mostly)
      • Got a bit of time (bits and pieces)
      • Flexible schedule 
      • Handy (at something!)

Areas of Interest for Volunteers

Errands and Delivery
Friendly Visit
Handy Person
Health Care Buddy
Help Around the House
Help With Paperwork
Pet Care
Sewing and Mending
Tech Support - MAC/Apple
Tech Support - PC

Volunteer for Rainy Day Village

Community Outreach
Event and activity planning
Membership Team
Office Staff
Resource Development Team
Service Requests
Social Service Providers
Steering Committee
Technology Team
Transportation Team
Volunteer Team

Additional Comments

Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest and we will be in touch with you very soon!